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How to choose a book for your vacations !

How to choose a book for your vacations !

Books are an essential part of going on vacation, not only because of all the inevitable downtime in airports and on planes, but because reading a book is an escape from work even from reality .

So the question is how  you  decide  what book to bring on vacations

Here are some helpful  tips !!!

 Bring books by writers you know you like .

This way you know what you expect more or less, and you will most likely enjoy reading the book  . There’s nothing worse than picking up a hyped-up new book by an author you’ve never tried before and hating it.  If you  do try a   new author, try at least  to start reading it

A day before your leave .

Bring more books than you think you need.

Maybe you will devour your first option and then you will be  left with nothing to read . A couple of

Select at least one book for visual stimulation.

Visual stimulation tickles creativity. Research proves that there is a connection between color and art and creativity, so take at least one book filled with colors, shapes, and pictures.

Whether it’s a beautiful book of photography, art, fashion, crafting, decorating, or nature, take it because it’s nice to “to look at .

If possible, bring books you and your partner can trade. 

Lightens the load, and gives the two of you something to talk about!

Bring books that aren’t too upsetting. 

Not advising that you only bring light and joyful rom-coms.  But  because books definitely affect your  mood, don’t choose  genocide on vacation. While flitting around the Greek islands and sat there on  catamaran in the Mediterranean sunshine surrounded by the gorgeous teal-blue sea, is great to have an uplifting book  .

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