The style of sandals will give you a touch of classic and show your personality every step of the wayFall in love with the vivid colors, with our Red and Siel edition for happy hours feet. Beige and Cuioo  gives precise definition about a woman’s sophistication. Timeless caviar and the edgy crack leather  great for a night out in summer  time. Pair them up for  cute Elegant, and sexy looks!


  • 13 Akiva Eigar Tel-Aviv
  • Tel Giborim 5, Tel Aviv
  • 2 bilu St. Rehovot Mall
  • Shlomo Hamelech Street 37, Kiryat Ono Mall
  • Lev Hair 2, Izraeli Modi’in Mall
  • Moshe Dayan Road 3, Yehud Savyonim Mall
  • Jabotinsky 72, Petach Tikva Mall
  • Rothschild 46, Hadera
  • Eucalyptus 3, Ramat Yishai street Mall
  • Boutique  Shlomo King 37, Kiryat Ono Mall